Spraygro Liquid Fertilizers manufacture a wide range of NPK Liquid Fertilizers, specializing in Trace Elements to correct/maximise plant growth.

Our Head Office and manufacturing plant is in the suburb of Gillman, which is located in the city of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, Australia.

Spraygro Liquid Fertilizers began in the 1980's, when leading farmers and government agricultural extension officers realised the benefit of applying Trace Elements. Crops deficient in certain elements could be rapidly and efficently corrected in the same growing season by applying Spraygro Liquid Fertilizer Trace Elements as foliar application to crops.

 Foliar applying Smartrace® Zinc and 42N                     Collecting a "Tissue Test"          

to a "Cereal Crop"                                                                             

As worldwide agricultural methods improve through research & development, there is also a need for farmers to always be increasing their yields (and quality), so that they can not only remain a viable entity, but to also make a return on the huge investment which is part of modern agriculture in the 21st century.  Liquid fertilizers provide farmers with the technology/benefits to move forward.

  • Every drop is the same
  • Precise and accurate nutrient placement can be achieved
  • Easy to handle and safe
  • Prescription formulation
  • Increased nutrient availability

"Fan Blower and Air Tractor applying liquid traces"

In the last 5 years we have seen a large increase in liquid nutrient usage via fertigation, either in-row furrow application or dripper irrigation and in cereal crops via ground injection.  With fertilizer injection systems the ability for one person to fertilize thousand's of hectares with the push of a button, not only ensures precise application, but also many man hours are saved in getting the job done.

"Fertigation of Spraygro 'RESULT NPK 10-5-7' via injection systems, delivered via dripper to the crop"

Whilst ground injection at seeding for cereal growers or by band spraying/T.Tape in horticultural situations, our high analysis precise starter NPK liquids increase nutrient availabilty to young plants providing more effective early growth.

"Injection of Liquid 'Starter' nutrients into soil at planting time"

Product research and development has put Spraygro Liquid Fertilizers at the very forefront in liquid product plant nutrition (Check out our nutrition programs) to maximise crop growth and potential. Our liquid range include the highest possible NPK liquid analysis fertilizers on the world market.

High analysis, clear liquid, true solutions, safe to handle, buffered, plant available nutrients.

We ship products in


20 Litre Drums

200 Litre Drums

1000 Litre IBC's 

  FCL's - for EXPORT

BULK - up to 40,000 Litres

  • Our Dispatch time is second to none
  • We offer a prescription blending to suit
  • 100% Australian owned private company
  • We are only to pleased to discuss your liquid fertilizer needs
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