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Evaluation of Efficacy of Biological Antagonists

N Gallace, Sydney University, 2001

AIM: Suppressing Seedling damping off ~ Pythium aphanidermatum in soil

  • Glasshouse/Cucumber seedlings @ 30ºC
  • Biological agents introduced to pasteurised potting mix 3 days prior to transplanting 10 days old seedlings

% Healthy Seedlings vs Control
with 0.5% inoculum of Pythium Aphanidermatum

  • For any given inoculum level, Companion increased the likelihood of maintaining healthy seedlings x 6 fold vs Control

  • No fungal biocontrol agents were able to initiate significant biocontrol activity.

  • We hypothesise that Companion® was able to regenerate & rapidly following application to exert significant control in the rhizosphere.

  • Bacillus Subtilis - Companion® has also been observed to produce antibiotics, effective against a wide range of plant pathogens.

  • The ability of bacteria (-Companion® ) to exert significant control of Pythium is a result of its inherent ecological adoptions to high temperature and moist conditions & ability to initiate activity rapidly in the infection court of the pathogen.



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