> 99% ACTIVE  > 99% NON VOLATILE pH 6.7

  • Overcome water repellency
  • Eliminate drypatch
  • Enhance root growth
  • Encourages early germination
  • Minimise runoff
  • Reduce watering up to 50%


Occurs in many soils, including intensively managed turf situations.  This can be caused by:

1) Very waxy organic residues coating sand particles preventing water entry into the soil.  These waxy coatings do this by causing the water to “bead” on the soil surface which prevents water from soaking in between the sand grains; can cause soil surface runoff and leads to erosion and evaporation of moisture before it can be utilized by plants or to stimulate germination.  In newly cleared or uncleared soils, leaf, stem and root litter from the native vegetation break down into water repellant residues to form the waxy skins on the sand particles.

2) Soil fungi can also produce these waxy residues.  Fungal growth is greatest in warm, moist conditions and the water repellant residues tend to accumulate under perennial situations (eg turf, pastures such as lucerne) which increases the repellence problem.


RM129 is a 100% W/V non-ionic polymeric surfactant.  When applied with water it improves the efficiency of water penetration into hydrophobic soils.

RM129 Soil Wetter absorbs strongly onto soil particles and is slow to degrade, providing long-term performance.  Comprehensive testing has proven RM129 does not create any soil phytotoxicity.


  • RM129 guarantees rapid and even penetration of water, combating water impervious soils
  • Enhances the penetration of water following irrigation or rainfall
  • Increases germination rates and root development
  • Saves water by reducing evaporation of lying water on the surface
  • Non-toxic to plant roots
  • Effective up to 12 months after application

Soil Wetter RM129 Label

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“RM129 Wetting Agent is highly effective at overcoming poor rewettability in organic materials”

Kevin Handreck FAIH Soil Scientist        September 1999


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