NPK Explained

In Australia, as well as New Zealand and South Africa the major element values for PHOSPHOROUS and POTASSIUM are expressed in full units of elemental (P) & (K).

Than Standard International Measures for all other countries are expressed in units of P2O5 (Phosphorous) and as K2O (Potassium).

All other elements other than (P) & (K) are standard in all countries.

In Australia the standard analysis measurement for liquid materials is to use weight per volume (w/v) as oppossed to weight per weight (w/w).

e.g Our product 42N - which is a UAN solution that contains 420 grams nitrogen per 1000ml, hence in Australia it has an NPK analysis of 42:0:0 NPK w/v. 1000ml of 42N weighs 1320 grams containing 420 grams of Nitrogen.

420 grams
1.32 Specific Gravity = 32% w/w Nitrogen hence 32-0-0 NPK w/w

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