NITRO 11 Hi-K 11-0-15


11.0% W/V Nitrogen (110 grams/litre)
15.0% W/V Potassium (150 grams/litre)
12.0% W/V Sulphur (120 grams/litre)


Nitrogen N
Phosphorous P
Potassium K
Sulphur S


K2O 0
P2O5 14

  • Nitro 11 Hi-K is a nitrogen, potassium and sulphur solution containing an exclusive source of smart release polymer nitrogen (Methylene Urea).  Potassium Thiosulphate is a true solution, ideal for turf, horticultural and ornamental applications.
  • With 85% of the nitrogen in a safe, reliable smart release solution, ideal for turf, horticultural and ornamental applications.
  • Nitro 11 Hi-K provides residual nitrogen release, low volitization and reduced leaching.  The release of nitrogen depends on soil microorganisms, hydrolysis, heat and UV radiation.  Since this molecule contains carbon, it provides an energy source for microorganisms.  The nitrogen release works in conjunction with the increase in soil temperature and microbial activity and the plants need for nitrogen.
  • Nitro 11 Hi-K has a high potassium and sulphur content which is completely soluble and available for immediate plant and turf uptake through both foliar and root feeding.  K absorption through leaf tissue is greatly enhanced by means of the stickiness of Nitro 35 Methylene Urea.  University studies show a 72% increase in K in leaf tissue when liquid methylene urea was used.
  • As an autumn fertilization product it provides high potash and sulphur to improve turf hardiness, helps prevent disease and acidify the soil.


  • Improves Stress Tolerance
  • Low Salt Index
  • 60% SRN

Suitable for use on golf greens, tees, fairways and sportsfields.

Controlled release fertilizer (up to 8-10 wks release) Use for both foliar & soil feeding
Longer lasting nitrogen source Less leaching & volatilisation
Low salt index, no burn Provides continuous steady feeding
Technical grades - no chlorides Complete nutrient packages

Our Smart Release Nitrogen™ (SRN) contains an exclusive source of long chain Methylene Urea.  This provides steady extended controlled feeding of nitrogen as plants need it eliminating vegative surge growth which can leave the plant susceptible to disease, whilst producing a greater fruit growth-size-yield-quality package.  Nitrate leaching & volatization is greatly reduced because the Methylene Urea is more complex than other salt based nitrogen sources such as Urea and Ammonium forms, therefore the amount of soil applied nitrogen can be reduced.  Our SRN has the lowest salt index content (0 to 4.6) available, has little phytoxicity and can be safely used in stress periods for low volume spraying.

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