Humic Acid 12% W/V in the potassium humate form


Nitrogen N
Phosphorous P
Potassium K
Humate Ha


P2O5 0
K2O 0

Humic Acid -12 is a rich organic (carbon) complex aromatic macromolecules with amino acids, sugars, peptides, aliphatic compounds involved in linkages between aromatic rings. The typical humate molecule contains free and bound phenolic and carboxylic acid groups, quinone structures and nitrogen and oxygen as bridge units between aromatic structures. Humates are colloidal in nature. In certain respects they behave like clay minerals.

How does Humic Acid Work/Benefits?
Improved water holding and nutrient availability
Humates contain many beneficial chemical groups such as the carboxylic (-CooH) and phenolic (-oH) groups. It is these with their negatively charged particles which make humates very effective in chelating with most of the plant nutrients and importantly water molecules. This is known as "cation exchange capacity" (CEC). By improving the CEC of a soil, Humic Acid actually increases the soils ability to hold more nutrients and moisture for the plant to utilize, which improves the efficacy of fertilizers.

Penetration and retention of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and trace elements (Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, B) in the subsoil therefore occurs due to reduction in leaching. This leads to improving root mass in plants and a reduction in the incidence of transplant shock.

Deeper greens and brighter reds, longer shelf life and increased sugar levels in strawberries and sultana grapes occur.

Neutralize Salts
Humic Acid has the ability to lower and neutralize salt levels due to its composition. Because Humic Acid is such a complex and active carbon molecule, it will neutralize chemicals that have been over-applied and as a result are causing plant phytotoxicity. In simple terms Humic Acid acts as a filter cleansing impurities which contact it. Stabilization of the soil against strong pH charges from chemical fertilizer applications also occurs.

Hormonal Activity
Humic substances inhibit indoleacetic acid (IAA) oxidase (breakdown), thereby hindering destruction of their plant growth hormone. Which can lead to high activity of IAA and promote plant growth. Humic Acid possesses auxin like activity which stimulates root initiation.

Biochemical and physiological process
Humic substances influence several metabolic processes, such as photosynthesis, respiration, nucleic acid influences, ion uptake and the production of RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) which is essential for many biochemical processes in the cell. Humic Acids enhancement of chlorophyll content via foliar sprays can prevent chlorosis by increasing the uptake of Mg++ and Fe++ ions.

Antioxidant Activity
Environmental stress damage to plant cells is correlated with the increase of reactive oxygen species or free radicals such as superoxide, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radical within the plant. Humic Acid applied as a foliar enhances the presence of various antioxidants in leaves.

Turfgrass research has shown that Humic Acid foliar applied can boost photosynthesis, improve growth and development especially when applied before stresses increase. The tolerance of abiotic and biotic stresses including disease infection is increased. Thus leading to reduced fungicide requirement. Making Humic Acid a valuable component of IPM.

For use with agricultural and horticultural crops, fruit trees, flowering plants and turf.

Spraygro Humic Acid -12 is formulated to increase your soil's ability to retain nutrients and improve water-holding capacity. It is suitable for use with most irrigation systems. It may be used for foliar or soil application in boomspray or sprinkler/overhead irrigation or for direct soil application in 12 is a high concentration liquid soil conditioner, which must be diluted with water before application. It can generally be applied anytime during the active growing period. For foliar application, apply in early morning and avoid applying during very hot days. Spraygro Humic Acid -12 has good nutrient chelating properties, therefore, for best results apply prior to fertiliser application.

Humic Acid-12 Label

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