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A clear liquid formulation loaded with the maximum amounts of mono and dipotassium Phosphonates for the prevention and control of Downy Mildew and Phytophthora diseases.


Sprayphos 620 contains 620g/L phosphorous acid, present as mono and dipotassium Phosphite.


•  World's highest clear liquid phosphite formulation for better control and prevention of
     Downy Mildew and Phytophthora diseases on a wide range of crops.

•  Highly systemic, translocated through the conducting tissues of plants to exert fungicidal control

•  Non toxic, free flowing formulation compatible with a wide range of other agricultural
     chemicals and fertilizers.

•  World's highest analysis reduces the rates of the product needed to control disease and   saves on freight handling costs.


Phosphites are highly mobile molecules, which can be readily absorbed by both leaves and roots, and are translocated throughout the plant.   Sprayphos 620 triggers molecular reactions within the plant cell to exert its fungistatic effect through activating plants own immune system and defence mechanisms.   Phosphonates alter the fungal wall and inhibits its further proliferation by suppressing the spore formation. In this way it controls the disease and its further spread.   Therefore, the phosphite molecule has dual mechanism of action.   The phosphite induced phytoalexin accumulation in plant as the result of the reactions occurring at molecular level upon fungal infection.   Potassium phosphite also walls off the pathogen by killing off surrounding plant cells, called hypersensitive reaction, somewhat like a fire line around a forest fire.   This is commonly observed as the yellowing and development of dead necrotic tissue around a diseased area.   But the plant responds further, releasing phytoalexins that alert the rest of the plant to start producing other compounds that increase the plant resistance to infection or attack of other pathogens on the plant.   These responses are called systemic acquired resistance (SAR), and induced resistance (IR).   The functional potassium in Sprayphos 620 also provides a certain level of disease protection by keeping the plant cell turgid and inducing growth.


The prevention and control in presence of Sprayphos 620

•  Fungal spore lands on plant cells, germinates and invade plant cell.
•  Phosphite molecules enter the fungal mycelium, restricts its growth and kill spores.
•  Phosphite molecules triggers biochemical reactions to synthesize phytoalexins that directly attack fungal pathogen.
•  The SAR is induced throughout the plant, the diseased cells are confined by hypersensitive response.   Disease is restricted or killed by plant response.



Sprayphos 620 comes in convenient 5 litre, 20 litre, 200 litre drums and 1000lt shuttles.  

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