FIRMRITE SPRAYCAT 7.5 0-0-0+7.5 Ca, 12.5% S,



Nitrogen N
Phosphorous P
Potassium K
Calcium Ca


P2O5  0
K2O    0

S.G 1.20, pH 8-9


Calcium thiosulfate is a clear liquid blend of readily available calcium and thiosulfate sulphur. It can be applied by drip, sprinkler and flood irrigation to a wide variety of horticultural, turf and vegetable crops. Most of the thiosulfate’s usefulness stems from its ability to convert certain insoluble compounds into soluble complexes. Calcium sulfate, gypsum, has traditionally been used as soil amendment product to supply calcium and displace sodium from the soil profile. However, the poor solubility of gypsum imposes limitations to the calcium availability to plants and displacement of sodium especially in permanent crops. For annual crops gypsum can be mixed with soil to exert its effect but broadcasting gypsum on established crops is not an efficient way to get sodium reduction because there is very little soluble calcium in it.

1. 100% soluble and available calcium to correct calcium deficiency
2. efficient water dispersion in alkaline sodic soils
3. displacement of sodium
4. sodium reduction and decrease in soil pH within two to three months
5. a ton of gypsum equivalent in 113L volume due to better solubility
6. sulfate ions for better growth of plants

The thiosulfate ions occur naturally in cell mitochondria to neutralize small quantities of cyanide. Cyanide occurs naturally in cassava roots, lima beans and almonds. Thiosulfate is an intermediate in several biochemical pathways, including the synthesis of L-cysteine (an amino acid). Calcium thiosulfate rapidly breakdown in the environment by the combined action of soil oxygen and Thiobacillus bacteria into sulfuric acid and calcium sulfate. Sulfuric acid solubilizes certain trace elements in soil and reduces soil pH. FIRMRITE SPRAYCAT 7.5 is not designed for eliminating Black Layer occasionally formed in Greens due to waterlogging and poor aeration; it can however, prevent Black Layer formation by improving soil structure and drainage and sodium displacement.

FIRMRIET SPRAYCAT 7.5 is compatible with most fertilizer solutions; however, it is not compatible with phosphate fertilizers. Blends of FIRMRIET SPRAYCAT 7.5 should not be acidified below pH 6.0. When blending with micronutrients and pesticides, trial blends should be conducted before beginning large scale mixing.

FIRMRITE SPRAYCAT 7.5 may be applied as fertigation or foliar sprays on a wide variety of greenhouse, turf, ornamental and agricultural crops. Calcium requirements for most crops increase dramatically during periods of rapid growth and fruit development. Application of calcium on turf provides resistance to wear and tear upon heavy use.

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