A fully chelated blend of four micronutrients in most balanced form to attain optimum plant growth.  All elements are synergistic for better uptake to promote growth and yield formation.  It is a unique blend containing iron with magnesium to increase chlorophyll content, photosynthesis and utilization of added phosphorous and nitrogen fertilizers.

2%  Iron 
2%  Manganese
2%  Magnesium
2%  Zinc

Smartrace Spraytrace 4 absorbes rapidly and distributes throughout the plant.
Smartrace Spraytrace 4 has rapid rainfast, easy to apply in balanced form.
Smartrace Spraytrace 4 is fully soluble for foliar application, fertigation and dripper systems.
Smartrace Spraytrace 4 eliminates deficiency symptoms and promotes lush green growth.
Smartrace Spraytrace 4 helps trigger plants own hormone biosynthesis process.
Smartrace Spraytrace 4 helps plants endure unfavourable environmental conditions.
Smartrace Spraytrace 4 does not contain nitrogen.

Smartrace Spraytrace 4 Label

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