SMARTRACE product range are trace element lignosulfonates complexes. They are very efficient as foliar sprays since the nutrient is released at a slower rate from the lignosulfonate complex (than straight sulphates) which eliminates spray-induced leaf damage . Lignosulfonates are the natural by-products of the wood and paper industry and comprise of the modified lignin molecules that contain various binding sites for metallic micronutrients.

Foliar application is the most practical method of applying trace elements to deficient crops because nutrient is delivered into the leave s where it is required, it eliminates nutrient interactions which occur in the soil, avoids unfavourable soil pH hence plant availability.

Advantages of SMARTRACE Products

  • Lignosulfonate chelates have excellent sticking and wetting ability. They are relatively more stable than corresponding sulphate solutions under moderate levels of soil phosphorous.
  • Very suitable for foliar applications
    the trace elements are released at a controlled rate to avoid unequal charge distribution thus reducing leaf scorching from sudden nutrient overload
  • Kinder to most spray equipment, and do not clog and wear out nozzles
  • Improved availability of nutrients over a wide range of pH, thus reducing fertilizer wastage
  • Rapid rainfast in 2-3 hours
  • Free-flowing liquid solutions physically compatible with various agrichemicals
  • Available as mono and multi-chelated trace element blends.

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