MaxiPhos Injecta 23

MAXIPHOS INJECTA 23 is a highly soluble, mobile and concentrated liquid fertilizer containing readily available ammonium nitrogen along with high phosphorous as polyphosphate molecule. Free of phosphites, and chlorides, Maxiphos Injecta 23 is balanced Nitrogen - Phosphouour fertilizer option ideal for establishment, N and P feed during growth and close down feeding of a wide range of crops.


Nitrogen N
Phosphorous P
Potassium K


P2O5 37
K2O 0

Product Details

Specific Gravity

1.40 +- 0.010





Pack Sizes (Lt)

20, 200,1000, Bulk


•  MaxiPhos Injecta 23 contains exclusive ammonium form of nitrogen to cater to the immediate N nutrition of various crops.

•  Does not contain nitrate nitrogen that may leach out of the root zone.

•  Does not induce leggy growth chiefly after harvest. Builds up N & P reserves for next season

•  Exclusively a soil/ground applied product, suited to fertigation systems to supply key nutrients at critical stages of growth including POST-HARVEST APPLICATIONS; will increase in season nitrogen and phosphorous levels in plants to improve growth, fruit quality and colour.

•  The polyphosphate composition provides optimum nutrition in most soil types.

MaxiPhos Injecta 23 is an excellent starter fertilizer especially in production systems requiring high inputs of phosphorous and moderate N. It is best applied below the seed during sowing for cereals and fertigated through drippers in horticultural crops. Additionally it can also be fertigated after harvest to boost N status of crops and build soil P pool to stimulate root growth and improve next season growth. Post harvest nutrition of most deciduous crops including grapevines essentially determines the growth and yield potential during the next season. It not only replenishes the lost nutrients but also restores the vigour by improving photosynthesis, starch accumulation, hormonal balance and overall growth after harvest.


Phosphorous, the key macronutrient is generally the least available nutrient in the soil due to the chemical bonding of phosphorous with soil calcium in most production regions of Australia . Ammonium polyphosphate (APP) has been found to be a much better source of available P in most soil types.

Maxiphos Injecta 23 tend to diffuse to a greater distance from the point of application, as a result, main as well as lateral roots have greater chance of intercepting phosphorous compared to tech grade MAP or DAP. This diffusion is radial in direction instead of vertical down the soil profile. MAP and DAP tend to concentrate at the point of application and young roots essentially either bathe in very high P zone causing cellular damage or orient their growth patterns to intercept P. Unlike MAP, APP being a near neutral formulation does not create acidic reactions in soil. It can be conveniently blended with potassium thiosulfate, 42N (UAN), and some chelated trace elements to provide complete nutrition to crops. Once diluted with water, the polyphosphate chain in APP starts releasing phosphate ions in the rhizosphere for uptake. This release of phosphate ions is slow in the root zone that resist its binding with zinc and calcium especially in alkaline calcareous soils that have consistently shown good responses to APP.

MaxiPhos Injecta 23 also possesses some sequestration properties especially with zinc and copper. This prevents the precipitation of zinc and copper phosphates in soil. DAP and MAP does not show this sequestration behaviour, and as such reacts to form insoluble phosphates.

Phosphorous restores the vital energy production processes by synthesizing new proteins and nucleic acids to increase root and shoot growth. Phosphorous hastens maturity and help in the development of fruit colour.

Early applications of phosphorous, in the beginning of the crop cycle helps in root development, shoot growth and productivity.   In deciduous crops fertigation with MaxiPhos Injecta 23 a week or two prior to bud burst lead to early and uniform bud burst through improved root activity. Uniform bud burst is essential for better vegetative growth, higher biomass accumulation and productivity.

Advantages of MaxiPhos 23

  • High analysis liquid starter, in crop and post harvest fertilizer.
  • Enhanced availability of N and P through improved root development.
  • Increased growth through chlorophyll synthesis and photosynthesis of plants
  • Optimum availability of P in alkaline to highly alkaline calcareous soils.
  • Can be applied as in-furrow or fertigation on a wide range of crops.
  • Improves vigour after harvest, restores normal hormonal balance and root growth.

Maxi Phos Injecta 23 Label

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