N          P        K
25 - 0 - 0 + 13% Ca w/v

Nitrate nitrogen: ----------------------------------------------16%

Ammonium nitrogen--------------------------------------------9%


Solution pH------------------------------------------------------6.0-6.5

Specific gravity--------------------------------------------------1.520


Nitrogen N
Phosphorous P
Potassium K
Calcium Ca


P2O5 0
K2O 0


Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) is a versatile, easy to handle source of readily available nitrogen and calcium, a fully soluble substitute for ammonium nitrate granules. This specially formulated liquid fertilizer provides a balance proportion of nitrogen and calcium, for every 2 units of nitrogen, 1 unit of calcium is available in fully soluble form. The granular CAN fertilizer is manufactured with ammonium nitrate (27% N) and calcium carbonate (8.8% Ca) reaction, which provides a relatively insoluble form of nutrients. The granules applied to the specific stage of crop development do not release the nutrients in absence of sufficient soil moisture and the crop suffers from nutrient stress.

The SprayGro Secure CAN-25, a chloride free, fully soluble liquid quickly release its nutrients to support a luxurious crop. Secure CAN-25 is a non-pressure nitrogen and calcium solution well adapted to a wide range of application practices: Direct application to the soil surface, injected or banded into the soil, or applied through drippers and sprinkler irrigation systems. It is also suitable for foliar application to deliver nutrients even quicker.

Secure CAN-25 contains two assimilable forms of nitrogen- dominant Nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen. Calcium, the king of all elements, supports cellular growth stimulated by nitrogen application, enhance cell wall development of the new tissues/growth to resist fungal infections, and triggers many biochemical reactions leading to better growth and productivity of crops. Calcium also displaces sodium in soils for better penetration and distribution of water. Calcium also improves soil structure. The Cal/Nit ratio of Secure CAN-25 is 0.52, an ideal ratio to grow a sustainable crop.

Secure CAN-25 is not compatible with phosphate and sulfate fertilisers. Avoid exposure to extremely cold conditions, may crystallise. The crystals are fully water-soluble.

Apply Secure CAN-25 according to the nitrogen requirements of your crop. It is ideal for grapevines and all-horticultural crops including citrus and nuts. For spray application keep your water rates high.


Broadacre: Rate of application per min water/ha: 50L

Cereals @ 4-6lt/ha
Lucern @ 3-5lt/ha
Cotton @ 3-6lt/ha
Canola @ 4-6lt/ha

Fertigation 20-30 lt/ha (according to Nitrogen requirement)

Horticulture: Rate of application per min water/ha: 350L - 500L

Apples/Pears/Citrus @ 5-6lt/ha
Cucurbits @ 3-4lt/ha
Carrots @ 3-4lt/ha
Brassicas @ 2-4lt/ha
Lettuce @ 2-4lt/ha
Stone Fruit @ 4-6lt/ha
Potatoes @ 3-5lt/ha
Strawberries @ 3-5lt/ha
Vines @ 4-6lt/ha (Mature)
Vines @ 2-3lt/ha (Young)

Fertigation 20-40lt/ha (according to Nitrogen requirement)

1000-1500ml/100 sq.m, water dilution 1:100

Disclaimer: These suggested rates are for guidance only. The rates and results depends upon the individual growing conditions and practices.


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